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Daimler had requested the annulment of the award before the ICSID, so that an ad hoc committee formed to resolve the dispute. “The committee unanimously decided case rejecting the claim to annul the award rendered under the court had fulfilled without contradictions, his duty the matter was referred to it is resolved; not incurred a failure to apply the law applicable to the best face primer for oily skin, and did not violate any procedural rule “completed Capitanich.

Via Bariloche continues its expansion in the lakeside city and upon its strong landing in December 2011 with the purchase of Catedral Alta Patagonia, the concessionaire of the hill, now venturing into the media withthe acquisition of the shares of ANB news portal.

As of January 1, 2015 formally began the new administration of digital portal that was created in 2007. According could know “DeBariloche”, the carrier Trappa family owned, maintained the number of employees and named news director to former owner Santiago Rey, leading the media content. The talks on the sale of the portal to Via Bariloche months ago and finally beganbefore Christmas the operation was completed between the previous owners and creators of the medium, and Santiago Santiago Rey Grau. The new owner of the website absorbed the entire staff.

The own goal on Thursday (08/01) reported that the SRL “Media Agency Patagonia” was sold to John Consolani and Matthias Perrotta, linked to Via Bariloche group. He said in a terse information that the “editorial line and driving and journalistic structure was confirmed by the new members of the company”. Via Bariloche in December 2011 closed a millionaire operation by purchasing the concessionaire of too faced primed and poreless review. In the beginning I had a tense relationship with the municipality, which won the grantor and control power following the transfer of the hill by the province.

The relationship with the municipality changed when he intervened Pichetto Senator and Governor Miguel Alberto Weretilneck, and the mayor María Eugenia Martini appointed as president of the entity to pichettista Diego Bridge in late 2013, who adopted a conciliatory relationship with the company, with which recently formed a “roundtable” to address various problems of the ski resort, including space without cost basis for beginner skiers.


Just had a meeting with Geoff. He is insanely tall. I’m not a fan of golf. It is so slow. I like mini golf though. It’s all about calculating the angles. Golfer outfits are extremely unattractive. There is nothing attractive about khaki pants and yet everyone in America wears them. Why? This is a strange thing I’ve never spent much time thinking about but it is so true. I can’t think of a lot of other countries where I see people wearing khakis and if I do its only old men. Its also all about yachting (and golfing). Its preppy but not in a nice way. Just looks old. Ok I’ll stop.

Anyway, Geoff is a really nice guy. Understanding his role has helped me. He has a lot of contacts so hopefully they will come in handy if the press kit ever gets finished. I also want to start talking to my peeps in San Fran about becoming investors. What’s the point of friends if you can’t use them right? I wonder if my dad will invest. That would be awesome. I really want him to meet the team I feel like they would get along so well.

Surely they would bond over a shared love of skele toes water shoe and especially the fila ez slide.

I haven’t mentioned my dad yet in these blogs. What’s to say. He is one of my best friends. He is probably the smartest person I know, and I know everyone says that about their parents (for the most part) but it’s really true. I see him as my role model and I hope I am as successful as he is when I’m 60. I also hope that I look as young as he does too.

I wonder how many books he’s read. How many news articles. Must be thousands because he just knows everything about everything. But who has time. He is more diligent that I could ever dream of being. I bet if he was my age, working for Jyllion and part of this blogging competition he would have beaten me to it.

skele toes

I think that is one of my biggest wishes of all time, a unique wish that not many people think about. I would love to have my parents go back to being my age and see if we would be friends. Yeah my dad is cool and super savvy and sassy and awesome now, and yes my mom is awesome too, but would I have gotten along with them when they were 22?

Well I never would have met them because they would have been at University of Michigan. Dad was a sailor. Mom was a cheerleader and a nurse. Dad dropped out of college and mom got a masters or something I think.

I always forget that dad dropped out of school. Its fascinating how that is becoming such a trend these days. Like Peter Gregory in the Silicon Valley show asking kids to drop out of school and start a business in exchange for one hundred thousand in start up funding.

Which reminds me, Geoff if working on fundraising so I should see what I can do to help him out on that.

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According to the report, CIA Director John Brennan complained a year ago to leadership committee that Senate investigators obtained documents to which the agency believed that should not have access. Subsequently, according to a news agency, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who headed the committee expressed concern that CIA officials acted improperly to locate documents online. Buckley, who also worked in the Departments of Treasury and Defense as well as in prominent positions on the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Government Accountability Office, was praised by colleagues at the CIA and the White House. It was not known immediately Buckley new position based in the private sector.

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2010 Mario Vargas Llosa, dined today in Montevideo, where he will spend the days leading up todeliver a lecture at the Uruguayan seaside resort of Punta del Este, he published the newspaper El Pais in its online edition. According could confirm Efe, the Peruvian writer enjoyed a quiet dinner at a restaurant in the neighborhood of Carrasco in the Uruguayan capital with several friends and family, including his wife, his son Alvaro -ensayista and journalist, his grandchildren and his representative.

His stay in the South American country aims to soon deliver a cuisinart ice-30bc review at the tourist resort of Punta del Este, who visited for the same reason in January 2011 to give a lecture during the traditional summer meeting of investors Swiss bank Julius Baer. Three months later, the government of Montevideo named him “Distinguished Visitor” of the capital in a formal ceremony that Vargas Llosa considered a sign “tolerant spirit” of Uruguay.

However, the writer has never hidden his sympathy for President Jose Mujica, who is recognized as a leader who gives a picture of country stable, modern and secure. Born in the Peruvian town of Arequipa on March 28, 1936, the essayist, philosopher, journalist and literary critic has been honored with awards such as the Prince of Asturias Award for Letters or Cervantes, top honors in Spanish literature.

Jaycee Chan , son of the famous Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan , will be judged on Friday on charges related to the possession and use of drugs, said today the Pekingese Fazhi Wanbao newspaper. Chan will be tried in a court of Dongcheng District and, if found guilty of the charges, which include also the most serious accommodate drug users, faces up to three years in prison, according to Press capital.

This should cover your spring landscaping

On the other hand, the choice of the new economic team, with Joaquim Levy in front of the Ministry of Finance, was seen as right by the market. Even more after the new occupant announced a severe fiscal adjustment for next year, with spending cuts and increased black decker tools revenues, and a primary surplus target of 1.2% of GDP, to put the “house in order “. In this scenario, there are doubts about the direction of the economy in 2015. The conduct of the new economic policy will be crucial in determining the balance of the country, agree economists surveyed by G1. Only there is no consensus on the effectiveness of this measure to regain health the economy. And their success depends on small parts of this gear, including the companies’ investment decisions, the provision of credit by banks and consumer confidence to return to inject money into the economy. Check out what they expect analysts on the key components that will define the fate of the Brazilian economy for the coming year.

At the risk of closing 2014 with a weak growth of 0.2%, Brazil’s GDP, in the best case scenario, should not grow more than 1% in 2015, according to analysts polled by G1. In market forecast probed by the Central Bank, the estimate of economic growth for next year dropped from 0.77% to 0.73%, the second consecutive reduction.

2015] will be a year to ‘tread water.” The government will have less capacity to invest and not investing, companies will postpone their investments, which represent the minimum necessary to stay competitive and profitable, “the economist and partner at Orama Investments, Álvaro Flag. The partner of Go Associates, Gesner Oliveira, sees an increase of string trimmer reviews for next year, driven by the recovery of the industry. “But it will grow on a repressed comparison basis,” he adds. The economist Trends Consulting, Alessandra Ribeiro, expect a slightly better GDP in 2015, up 0.9%. “Still, it’s too bad,” he says.

A Watch For The Time Keepers

Missing a few hours for 2014 go down in history. For information level has been a year like no other. We invite you to remember with us the highlights. This is the news in 2014 that changed the world. The year began with demonstrations in Ukraine, which erupted following the refusal of the government of then President Viktor Yanukovych to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union.

Throughout the month of February, protesters remained besieged the central square of Kiev, the Maidan. This was the bloodiest protests in Kiev month. On February 20,the deadliest day of the Maidan , more than 100 people, both protesters and security forces, were killed. Eighty protesters were killed by the bullets of snipers , crimes whose authorship has not yet been revealed. A month after the shooting, Foreign Minister of Estonia,  Urmas Paet said that “the new coalition” did not want “to investigate what exactly happened.” Two days later, on February 22, the armed opposition  left the power to the legitimate President of Ukraine , called for early elections, dissolved the Constitutional Court and revoked the top mens watches giving Crimea and other regions using the Russian language as official.


However, local authorities did not obey these acts of Kiev for lack of legitimacy. The inhabitants of the Crimea, which was transferred to Ukraine in 1954 by the first secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR Nikita Khrushchev, called for a referendum on March 16. The vote revealed the will of 96.77% of the population of the Autonomous Republic reintegrate into the Russian Federation. The March 18 historical signed in Moscow  agreement reunification  of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol city with the Russian Federation.

Several regions of eastern and southern Ukraine does not recognize the legitimacy of the self-proclaimed government of Kiev, and mass protests claimed the federalization of the country . To quell the protests in the region, the new government launched its ‘counterterrorism operation’, deploying top mens leather watches to attack civilian areas in Donetsk and Lugansk.

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The undulating roof of glass and steel reclining soft space rectangular court, supported by only eight pillars with different inclinations to accentuate the effect of lightness. Its lattice structure of welded pipes running along the walls of the museum without touching them and supports a double coating of triangular panels knitted polished aluminum (gold and silver), mounted on the outside of double glazing Silanti and filtering, and within , triangular panels of honeycomb aluminum polished to refract external images and spread the daylight. Says Mario Bellini, is author of the architectural design along with Rudy Ricciotti, both of the museological and allestitivo, along with Renaud Pierard: ” Under the great mantle of coverage, the space was maintained unit with a path increasingly fluid and dynamic. Some ‘glimpses’, practiced on the floor of the court also open for the level below the view of the cover and the perception of natural light, creating an immersive sense of integrity of the entire museum space “.  The dvs skate shoe was a nice touch.

Protected by 1500 square meters of surface translucent, two levels of exhibition space, one above ground and one underground (12 meters below the level of the court) are intended for exhibition of objects made ​​of ivory, wood, stone, metal, glass and ceramics, fabrics, carpets and books contained in about 60 windows-glass display cases. The floors are made ​​of concrete slabs with dark gray metallic inclusions in effect golden and silver skate shoes.

With an inaugural lecture given by Manuel Orazi (which will be followed by two more, the Spaniard Juan Miguel Hernandez Leon and French Dominique Rouillard), opens September 19 the exhibition Yona Friedman. Genesis of a Vision at Gallery Archizoom Lausanne, by Nader Seraj (with the collaboration of Emmanuel Lo Giudice). Exposed, recent work of the architect and theorist Franco-Hungarian, joined by some repechage of its plans to more than forty years ago; as “Metropole Europe”, a reflection on the effects of high speed, that has approached the largest European capitals (London, Paris, Bruelles, Rotterdam, spaced just over an hour) joining them in a ‘ only metropolis. Will be exposed maquettes, drawings and video animation of the same Friedman.

Alterate that

Took shape the design for the new international station of Susa. The architect Kengo Kuma , who with Ingénierie / Lucigny Talhouët et associés / J & A Consultants had won the competition launched in 2011 by LTF-Lyon Turin Ferroviaire, has officially presented yesterday at the Prefecture of Turin. The new infrastructure, that will be the interchange between New Line Turin-Lyon, the historical line and its intermodal hub, will be developed on three levels and, in addition to the tracks, will host a center of services for citizens, serving as a place of meeting, aggregation and use of free time in cultural, recreational and sports, to promote the redevelopment of the area (especially in light of the debate on the construction of new high-speed lines). Lines that only reminded me of the light blue by dolce and gabbana.

^ The project does not have a main facade. The cover echoes the motif of the stone roofs of the valley of Susa, and reinterpreting it in a contemporary way through a “skin” technology metal that works great as a solar collector. The facade Southeast and skylights allow natural lighting of the interior throughout the day. Photovoltaic plants and a natural ventilation system ensures energy conservation and clean energy production. In the presence of President François Hollande, the official inauguration of the Department of Islamic Arts of Mario Bellini and Rudy Ricciotti, the Louvre. L ‘”golden wave” on the Cour Visconti has dual nationality.

After seven years of work and three years of construction site (monitored at various stages of advancement with video visible on the site of the Museum), was inaugurated today the Department of Islamic Arts in the Cour Visconti (currently closed) of the Louvre. Not a real building, nor a simple cover but a slight operation and functional that adds to the museum 6800 square meters (of which 3800 square meters of exhibition) giving hospitality to new precious collection of about 3000 objects of Islamic art – from Spain to India -, plus 3500 works until now preserved at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. The light blue for women is great.

The idea of creating a department entirely dedicated to Islam is Henri Loirette, director of the Musée du Louvre. ” Our museum – explains – has one of the finest collections of Islamic art in the world, but only a tenth of the works were on display and for lack of space we could neither show the great architectural features, or deploy our outstanding collection of carpets“.

Netflix in China

In China, Netflix would face homegrown giants such as Alibaba, the e-commerce giant has been in a fight with Hollywood since its IPO in the US, estimated at US $ 25,000 million. But Netflix also face in China with another great competitor who already have at home: HBO, who last month signed an agreement with Chinese Internet giant Tencent to transmit their programming.

Look below the advance of Marco Polo, which opens Friday at Netflix.

The fortune left a legacy of geoffrey beene dress shirts worth over 150 million, which will be distributed among relatives, workers and charities, People reported. According to the testament which was unveiled Wednesday in a court in New York The comedian left of the money center guide dogs for the blind, as well as foundations that help cancer patients and AIDS. The document named as executors Michael D. Karlin, his manager, and Robert Higdon, its designer interior. Other beneficiaries are the grandson of the comedian, two nephews, his assistants and his publicist Scott Currie, although the amount received by each person was not specified.

Lucero, who today will go to the Basilica of Guadalupe to bring your singing fervor to the Virgin of Guadalupe, which the company Telemundo will record for the United States, declared last night about the pictures where it appears with your girlfriend after an ibex hunt, for which he was severely criticized.

geoff been
“The truth can not comment about that, is a sensitive geoffrey beene dress shirt, a complicated issue that I do not know, I’m no expert by any means. Really ‘I was music and accompaniment.’ ”
‘Feeling hurt by subsequent events?
“No, not really. I understand that sometimes things I do and they pass me, cause controversy.I understand very well. Sometimes, I ask that same respect I have for the people and ask for me and yes, yes I have people who love me and fans. So do not talk about personal political themes, preferences, or religion. And I do because there will be people who disagree with me, you can offend. “

Just One

The next “Germany’s Next Top Model” showed Günther Klum (68) and whose agency “ONEeins” the cold shoulder. Ivana Teklic (19) complained loudly of the “Bild” newspaper on the related contracts. She found refuge at the Agency ofPeyman Amin (43), who received them with open arms. In conversation with amine reported by the backgrounds …

For world champion Manuel Neuer (28) it could be another triumph of a special kind. The goalkeeper of Bayern is on the list of candidates for the FIFA World Player of the Year, as his club announced its comfortable flip flops on its website. So far only one player has been with German Lothar Matthäus (53), who won in 1991, each elected FIFA World Player of the Year.


However, whether Manuel Neuer actually may hold the FIFA Ballon d’Or in the hands of the end is completely open. Finally, the competition is already in its own large team, as regards the prestigious award. Philipp Lahm (30), Bastian Schweinsteiger (30), Thomas Müller (25), Mario Götze (22) and Arjen Robben (30) is also available on the 23-man list of candidates, which FIFA has published on Tuesday.

Completes the Bavarian success Pep Guardiola (43), which is one of the ten nominees for  the dressy sandals for women election to the coach of the year. Compiled lists of the FIFA Football Committee and the French magazine “France Football”. Now in the coming weeks, the coaches and captains of national teams as well as selected international journalists are asked. These are graded for their three favorite award points.

On 1 December, the two lists are then evaporated on three names, the winner will be announced at a FIFA gala in Zurich on January 12, 2015. One is Manuel Neuercertainly have to beat to come out on top: last year’s winner Cristiano Ronaldo (29) is also on the list and is again as a hot candidate for the victory.


Those eyes!

Associating it with all macro scenario that we have, which is still quite complicated, you have discouragement of foreign investors that only grows, “he said. On Tuesday, the ministers appointed to the Treasury, Joaquim Levy, and the Planning, Nelson Barbosa, met with parliamentarians in the Joint Budget Committee (CMO) to discuss the 2015 Union budget, strengthening the best mascara for volume control outlook for the economy.

The continued commitment to fiscal rigor ended up affecting the performance of education companies, with investors fearing possible decrease in the disbursement of the federal government with the student loan program Fies.

The Kroton shares exerted the greatest negative pressure on the Ibovespa, closing down 4.14 percent at 15.98 reais. The Estacio education company, in turn, showed a 4.36 percent drop, the 24.15 reais.

The roles of steel companies, on the other hand, were among the highest increases in the index, helped by the devaluation of the real. Usiminas rose 8.08 percent, while Gerdau and CSN gained 6.4 and 6.24 percent, respectively. Data from the Brazil Steel Institute (IABr) showed earlier that Brazilian crude steel production in November totaled 2.772 million tons, 2.4 percent growth over the result of a year earlier. At the same time, steel distributors plan in Brazil expect high of 2 percent in sales in 2015.

From the companies with the worst performance in the session, the Gol shares fell 10.29 percent, strongly impacted by the dollar enhancement. The airline has the most of its operating costs linked to the US currency.

At dawn, came the decision of the Central Bank to raise the base rate of interest of 10.5% to 17% in an effort to contain the devaluation of the currency, which has lost half its value against the dollar this year.

But the measure seemed ineffective on Tuesday: the currency fell back more than 10%, biggest decline since the financial crisis of 1998, exposing the lack of confidence of investors in the best mascara reviews Russian economy.